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A Good Man is Hard to Find1 :: essays papers

A Good Man is Hard to Find1 â€Å"A Good Man is Hard to Find† In â€Å"A Good Man is Hard to Find† Flannery O’Conner tells the story of a family in route to their Florida vacation and the trouble the grandmother gets them in. The grandmother does not want to go to Florida on vacation and tries many methods of changing her son, Bailey’s mind. Although she tries many methods, none of them have the effect on him she desires. Bailey is as stubborn as his mother, completely shutting the door on every proposition his mother makes. When she finally makes some progress in delaying their travels things go horribly. Bailey and his family discover the hard way just how ironic life can be. The grandmother uses many excuses for the family to go to Tennessee instead of Florida on vacation. The first of her many excuses is â€Å"The Misfit†, a serial killer that has escaped from prison and is headed toward Florida, claiming that she would never take her children anywhere near a man like that. This didn’t have the desired effect on Bailey so she explains to him and his wife how the children need more variety and they should take the children to see different parts of the world, East Tennessee for example. Once again her plea to Bailey and his wife had no effect. Even after they had left home she continued to try and divert them from their coarse. Finally succeeding when she convinced the children they would like to visit an old plantation home she had visited during her own childhood. There were many clues as to what was unfolding during the story, although one would have trouble noticing them upon initial reading. The first of the clues was, of coarse, the mentioning of â€Å"The Misfit’s† escaping from prison. As the family was eating at a small restaurant the second clue was given. The owner was discusing with grandmother the criminal nature the society has compared to the old day an example was three men had stolen gas from him only a few days earlier. The next clue came after grandmother and the children persuaded Bailey to turn off the main road in search of the old plantation home. The road had not been driven on in months, suggesting the perfect, deserted, hiding places for escaped prisoners. While traveling down the dirt road grandmother remembered that the house was actually in Tennessee, not Georgia.

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AB Thorsten Case Study Analysis

In my view, manufacture of XL-4 in Sweden is a well laid out plan and Mr. Ekstrom and his team has done good research and analysis of the project. However, I would not authorize the investment. To start with, the investment in Sweden will cost the company heavily as it will involve setting up a new factory at a whooping cost of Skr. 76.385 million.In making investments decisions, we must always consider all possible alternatives then come up with the most viable one. In this case for example, we have an option of expanding the Canadian plant which supplies the Swedish market to provide for the proposed increase in market share at a cost of only Skr. 7.183.The expansion would not only ensure minimal rise in the fixed costs but also save the company due to the economies of scale enjoyed by the Canadian plant. As compared to the five years that the company will take to recover its investments for the Swedish plant, upgrading the Canadian plant will only take 2.5 years to give the compan y a return on its investments.In addition, the company stands to benefit form the high internal rates of return in Canada which are set at 60% as opposed to the Canadian 15.7% rate of return (Torre, 1999). Incorporating the production of more XL-4 to supply the 400 tons demand in the Swedish market would therefore prove more viable as it will save more resources.The resources saved could actually be used for other purposes or be invested in projects that will bring forth higher returns within a shorter time such as investing in bonds and bank certificates. The investment in Sweden should therefore not be undertaken.According to Ekstrom and his team, the proposed project was going to be a major breakthrough for the company with a potential market of 800 tons of XL-4 in Sweden. Customer trial conducted using three major companies have revealed that indeed the technology of XL-4 can save the companies a great deal in terms of costs, material handling and fuel.Ekstrom and his team are c alling to the management to help in setting up a plant producing 400 tons of XL-4 each year at a cost of about Skr. 76.385 million in plant and machinery.Working capital of about Skr. 5.6 million will be required as working capital. Ekstrom states that the plant can recover 60% of its inventory costs from the taxable income as the Swedish law permits it. The plant's life after which it will have to be renovated to suit advancement in technology is given as seven years.By the end of the seven years, the Swedish plant should have reached a net present value of Skr. 15 million after taxes. The analysis is well performed using modern management tools and they are highly optimistic of all the figures presented.The analysis however does not include the sales projects in case the company may decide to expand to Europe and the rest of Scandinavia. On the question as to where the funds would come from, Ekstrom explained that funding could be obtained from borrowing in Swedish banks if the de mand surpassed 400 tons.The Canadian divisional management is against the investments. They give several reasons to support their arguments. Gichoud, the director of sales argues that the sales of 400 tons per year were far too optimistic citing from his experience in marketing (Torre, 1999).According to him, there is no way they can make 400 tons sales in Sweden alone while Roget's overall world market is only 600 tons. Director of manufacturing, Levanchy is also not very keen on the project saying that the manufacturing processes is very complicated for Sweden to undertake even with the presence of trained workers.The Canadian management insists that this is an expensive undertaking for the company taking up a lot of money which could have been saved if the production was done in Canada.They compare the returns and number of years taken to get a return on the investments. As opposed to Sweden which will use initial costs of Skr. 76.385, Canada would spend Skr. 7.183; get returns i n 2.5 years as opposed to Sweden's five years; get a higher rate of return on capital of 60% as compared to Sweden's 15%.The issues of uncertainty and market trends are ignored in estimating the demand of XL-4. Customer choice resulting from competition, increase in technology and changes in the markets is an important consideration before making an investment.In the event that a new product comes to the market before the seven years proposed by Ekstrom and his team are over, the division is likely to suffer losses from the huge investments. Take for example that the target 400 tons per year falls due to the changes in market or emergence of a competitor.The predicted plant's net value would be lower than Skr. 15 million. A 15% return cannot also be achieved. The management therefore ought to give an allowance for any changes in the market. This proposal takes the market as a constant playing ground which according to them will only change after seven years.

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Independent and Dependent Variable Examples

Both the independent variable and dependent variable are examined in an experiment using the scientific method, so its important to know what they are and how to use them. Here are the definitions for independent and dependent variables, examples of each variable, and the explanation for how to graph them. Independent Variable The independent variable is the condition that you change in an experiment. It is the variable you control. It is called independent because its value does not depend on and is not affected by the state of any other variable in the experiment. Sometimes you may hear this variable called the controlled variable because it is the one that is changed. Do not confuse it with a control variable, which is a variable that is purposely held constant so that it cant affect the outcome of the experiment. Dependent Variable The dependent variable is the condition that you measure in an experiment. You are assessing how it responds to a change in the independent variable, so you can think of it as depending on the independent variable. Sometimes the dependent variable is called the responding variable. Independent and Dependent Variable Examples In a study to determine whether how long a student sleeps affects test scores, the independent variable is the length of time spent sleeping while the dependent variable is the test score.You want to compare brands of paper towels, to see which holds the most liquid. The independent variable in your experiment would be the brand of paper towel. The dependent variable would be the amount of liquid absorbed by the paper towel.In an experiment to determine how far people can see into the infrared part of the spectrum, the wavelength of light is the independent variable and whether the light is observed (the response) is the dependent variable.If you want to know whether caffeine affects your appetite, the presence/absence of a given amount of caffeine would be the independent variable. How hungry you are would be the dependent variable.You want to determine whether a chemical is essential for rat nutrition, so you design an experiment. The presence/absence of the chemical is the indepen dent variable. The health of the rat (whether it lives and can reproduce) is the dependent variable. If you determine the substance is necessary for proper nutrition, a follow-up experiment might determine how much of the chemical is needed. Here, the amount of chemical would be the independent variable and the rat health would be the dependent variable. How to Tell the Independent and Dependent Variable Apart If you are having a hard time identifying which variable is the independent variable and which is the dependent variable, remember the dependent variable is the one affected by a change in the independent variable. If you write out the variables in a sentence that shows cause and effect, the independent variable causes the effect on the dependent variable. If you have the variables in the wrong order, the sentence wont make sense. Independent variable causes an effect on the dependent variable. Example: How long you sleep (independent variable) affects your test score (dependent variable). This makes sense, but: Example: Your test score affects how long you sleep. This doesnt really make sense (unless you cant sleep because you are worried you failed a test, but that would be a different experiment). How to Plot Variables on a Graph There is a standard method for graphing the independent and dependent variable. The x-axis is the independent variable, while the y-axis is the dependent variable. You can use the DRY MIX acronym to help remember how to graph variables: DRY MIX DÂ   dependent variableRÂ   responding variableYÂ   graph on the vertical or y-axis MÂ   manipulated variableIÂ   independent variableXÂ   graph on the horizontal or x-axis Test your understanding with the scientific method quiz.

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Essay on The Message of The Lord of the Flies by William...

The Message of The Lord of the Flies by William Golding William Golding has successfully conveyed the message of Lord of the Flies to the reader. The novel portrays the malicious nature of mankind, through the use of symbolism, where the author makes use of details with second meanings. Throughout the novel, symbolism, which is of both characters and other significant objects, is used, in order to stress the novels message. Lord of the Flies is a story that begins in the aftermath of a plane crash in the Pacific Ocean during a war, in which a group of English schoolboys are isolated on an island. They are under no adult supervision and are left to fend for themselves, create their own†¦show more content†¦The main characters also depict the effects that arise between dissimilar types of individuals when put under the same circumstances, which is also facilitated by the symbolism of characters. Throughout the novel Golding relates the life of the boys to the real world as an allegory. The changes experienced by one character differ from those endured by another, and this is attributable to the physical and mental differences between them. Although all the characterisation helps to convey the novels message, it is the three main characters that appear to have been well symbolised to represent different aspects of society, such as dictators, the public and academia of the world. Ralph acts as the democratic politics in society, representing law, order, organized society and moral integrity. He looks out for others and tries to make the society function properly by making everyones opinions heard: give him the conch. He has a sense of responsibility although he undergoes changes that are difficult for him to comprehend. Ralph was puzzled by the shutter that flickered in his brain. There was something he wanted to say; then the shutter had come down Chapter 8 This shows the way that he begins to feel confused and lost in the environment. The other boys become less convinced in the reliability of Ralph and so order and society deteriorates.Show MoreRelatedWilliam Golding Research Paper838 Words   |  4 PagesMay 2012 Through the Eyes of William Golding William Golding was an amazing and artistic author. His versatile writings, visionary view on life, and the way he inputted subtle and special hints of his religious views are what made his career. Goldings life began on September 19, 1911 when he was born in UK, St. Columb Minor to a Mr. and Mrs. Golding. Alex Golding, his father, was a schoolteacher. While Mildred Golding, his mother, was a suffragette. Although Golding was born in St. Columb MinorRead MoreSocietal Breakdown On The Island1720 Words   |  7 PagesSocietal breakdown on the island in ‘Lord of the Flies’ is due to the inherent evil of man 3.8: Develop an informed understanding of literature and/or language using critical texts. Hypothesis: Societal breakdown on the island is due to the inherent evil of man Jason Carvalho ‘Lord of the Flies’ is the name of William Golding’s historically famous novel, yet it is more than just a title. It is a kind of statement, a way of mocking the very existences of humanity. Reading this book I cameRead MoreEssay about Edgar Derby and Simon: Life, Beliefs, and Death1586 Words   |  7 PagesDerby, from the novel, Slaughterhouse-five by Kurt Vonnegut, and Simon, from the novel, The Lord of the Flies by William Golding, are equally alike and unalike. Even though these characters are from different books, they represent the absurdity of death and the importance of speaking up for what you believe. Both of these characters live in hostile and confining environments, attempt to deliver a vital message, and are unfairly killed. Edgar Derby and Simon suffer dissimilar murderous, undeserved, andRead MoreLord of the Flies by William Golding1585 Words   |  7 Pages Lord of the Flies by William Golding is a fictional novel highlighting natura l characteristics of man kind. The Book was created during the post World War II period. Before creating this novel, William had experience in the navy where he learned of the nature of mankind. The introduction of the book portrays a plane crash where a large group of boys are stranded on an island. Here they grow in character and human instincts such as leadership, brutality, and survival are displayedRead MoreWilliam Golding s Lord Of The Flies1044 Words   |  5 PagesSimilar to most literary classics, William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies contains allusions to the Christian Bible and character archetypes that convey universal ideas. Golding’s story focuses on a group of British schoolboys who are stranded on an island and ultimately succumb to their innate savage tendencies. Literary analysts often compare components of Lord of the Flies to various aspects in the Christian Bible. For instance, the setting in Lord of the Flies is often linked to the Garden ofRead MoreLord of the Flies: World War IIs Impact Essay1064 Words   |  5 PagesLord of the Flies: World War II’s Impact Lord of the Flies by William Golding was influenced strongly by his experiences as a naval officer during World War II. Golding’s wartime service gave him a darker and more realistic look on life, and contributed to the novel’s imagery. As Golding described, World War II woke him up from his falsified beliefs about human nature by showing him the true human condition (â€Å"Lord of the Flies,† Novels 175). Lord of the Flies, as Golding explained, is â€Å"an attemptRead MoreLord Of The Flies Literary Analysis1101 Words   |  5 PagesIrony is a literary technique utilized by writers in an attempt to convey a message different than its literal meaning. For this reason, this technique used often in satirical writing, such as Lord of The Flies by William Golding. Irony is an important element in literature as it provides writers with a vehicle to communicate a deeper, more meaningful message. In his literary critique, How To Read Literature Like a Professor, Thoma s C. Foster emphasizes the significance of irony in literature, statingRead MoreEssay On The Conch Shell In Lord Of The Flies946 Words   |  4 Pagesusing it, and also be in relation to its environment and surroundings. In the novel, The Lord of the Flies, the author, William Golding uses a conch shell to represent different meanings throughout his novel. The message in each of the different meanings of the conch, show how a group of young, British boys are changing their behavior and personality deeper into the novel. The conch in the Lord of the Flies, begins as a sign of authority, becomes a symbol of disorganization, and concludes to transformRead MoreEssay on Lord of the Flies by William Golding954 Words   |  4 Pages William Golding explores the vulnerability of society in a way that can be read on many different levels. A less detailed look at the book, Lord of the Flies, is a simple fable about boys stranded on an island. Another way to comprehend the book is as a stat ement about mans inner savage and reverting to a primitive state without societies boundaries. By examining the Lord of the Flies further, it is revealed that many themes portray Golding’s views, including a religious persecution theme. GoldingRead MoreLord of The Flies Essay1673 Words   |  7 PagesLord of the Flies was published in 1954 by William Golding. Today Lord of the Flies is a well known literary criticism. Many schools require their students to read Lord of the Flies because of the literary criticisms in the book. In this paper three themes or literary criticisms are talked about: good vs. evil, symbolism of characters, and maturity of characters. Another topic in Goldings Lord of the Flies is the battle of good vs. evil. Everything seems to start out just fine on the island; the

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Determined free essay sample

As I sat in the doctor’s room, my body became numb. It’s a simple ligament, calling for an extensive recovery. Without it, no stability is attained so how would an athlete function? She can’t. The ACL is the focal point of the knee and once again the focal point of my life. From the room, the doctor’s voice was heard down the hall, and seconds later, he was sitting in front of me. â€Å"The ACL is torn.† The words came out of his mouth with confidence. My shoulders dropped as the disappointment overcame the anticipation. The ski season of my senior year was about to kick off. I felt lost. I was taken back to the moment two years earlier when I was given the same news. I was devastated, but determined. That year, I never let my injury stop me from bundling up in the cold to cheer on my teammates, even if I was on crutches. We will write a custom essay sample on Determined or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page With every month that passed, my ACL became more durable. I pushed through the enduring workouts and pain and eventually reached full recovery. Nine months. That’s how long my recovery time was and will be again. This time, it will be second nature, and I will anticipate everything that is coming. It will be done meticulously. Rehab will be my focus and recovery my goal. Ski racing in college is what I’ve intended to do and these injuries aren’t going to stop me. Since ski racing was no longer an option this year, I began filling my head with ideas of what to do instead of sports. Staying involved is the least I can do if I can’t ski race. Helping children has always been my interest. I’ve always wanted to volunteer at Children’s Hospital, but I’ve never had the time; although now, it’s an option. Yes, it will be another antagonizing ski season of sitting at the bottom of the hill, watching, but I intend to be the loudest che ering section. Being in a sport isn’t entirely about competing; it’s also about being a part of something, meeting new friends and supporting each other. Attending CSU and being apart of the Alpine Club Team is where I can meet friends that share similar interests, and with that we can compete as one. These injuries are depressing at first, but I’ve learned it’s what I make of the experience that counts. I was given the chance to get a new perspective on life and have matured greatly over a brief period of time. I’ve learned that through hard work and perseverance, I can overcome anything. CSU is where I plan to continue my passion for skiing, but more importantly furthering my academics and thriving at my next step in life. Determined free essay sample I am a high school athlete. I did varsity cheer, varsity volleyball, and varsity track, and won awards in each. This year, my junior year, was especially difficult for me, because these things took up much of my time and energy, and suddenly were snatched away from me. During a club volleyball game in February, a girl on the opposing team slid under the net, hitting my knee. I went down, unaware of what had exactly just happen, but I knew I would not be playing for a while. Later that month, after receiving an MRI, I was given news that I had a torn ACL that required surgery. This is where my journey, that I am still in right now, began. My surgery for ACL replacement was March 23, 2011, in which I had part of my patellar tendon replace my ACL. For this to completely heal would take a full six months, over half way into my senior volleyball season. We will write a custom essay sample on Determined or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Obviously upset, I was also determined from that point on. I began to do my exercises hours after my surgery, although rather painful. Majority of the time, also, I have kept a positive attitude. I now go to physical therapy twice a week, and ride a stationary bike most days I do not go. My therapist says I am recovering quickly, and tells me that I am a hard worker. Although the goal, to play part of my senior volleyball season, is not much when put into perspective, I believe it is the heart I choose to have behind it. It would be so easy for me to â€Å"throw in the towel† and decide it is not worth it, but that is something I could not do to myself. I know that, even though I probably will not contribute much to my team, I still know I have to give them and myself 110% of my heart and effort. Overcoming this obstacle with determination and perseverance I believe will set me up to face greater things, harder trials. This recovery time is simply setting me up to complete even greater challenges yet to come, and I will be ready.

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Learning Academic Writing Is Not Difficult ! You Just Need A right direction! %

Academic writing is being treated as a big trouble ad burden by the students. The basic reason is that they are not familiar with the basic principles of the writing. The right directions and instructions can make the students to think clearly, write logically and conclude properly. You won’t be able to write a proper essay if you do not know to understand correctly and write impressively. Academic writing has no shortcuts rather it is a long way process of learning. Clear and component academic writing is the result of continuous hard working and practicing. Academic writing services provide highly skilled academic writers who can help you to express your ideas intellectually and write your essay intelligently. Use of different kind of introductory paragraphs: Introductory paragraphs for academic writing should be attractive and arouse the interest of the reader by providing informational and purposeful material. Introductory paragraphs may be a general statement or some king of description. Academic writing services provide authentic and informational material on academic writings which can improve your writing skills a lot. An introductory paragraph can be start with; A question or statementA background or overviewWith a definition or quotationWith an anecdote or happening Make the division of details: You need to follow a proper discipline for writing academically. You should divide you writing into different paragraphs. Each paragraph should be well-connected and leading to other paragraph with a logical order. Academic writing service provide guidance about academic writings which can be very useful for enhancing your creative skills a lot. You need to consider following points to write appropriately; Size of paragraphNew point or aspect should start from new paragraphThere should be unity and harmony in the structure of essay There should be Coherence in expression: You should write cohesively and coherently. This is possible only when there will be logical and sequential link between the paragraphs. Professional Academic Writing Services can be very useful for you to write logically, knitted and relevant. To write coherently you need to; Write well-developed paragraphsIncorporate relevant detailsUse of transitional wordsKeep link between paragraphsSeparate paragraph for supporting and opposing argumentsLogical order Enhance your vocabulary, knowledge and understanding: Academic writings are expressive, descriptive and interactive. You must overcome all your weak areas for a proportional and balanced writing. For this purpose, you can hire Best Academic Writing Services to make you writing well-organized and well-structured. To enhance your vocabulary and understanding you can also take help from following sources; Use of library servicesSearch different websitesAccess latest informationNotes makingRe-writing Develop the skills for writing: It is undeniable fact that writing is a skill but you can easily learn it if you work hard and practice a lot. You must shun away your fears and make efforts to develop good writing skills by consulting different libraries and SEO. provide compatible writers who help you to learn features and characteristics for an effective essay. Following features are essential for writing good and effective essay; Unity, balance and brevityLogical order and personal touchCoherence, precision and proportionProper style and toneProper use of grammar and sentence structure Avoid common errors: Clarity of ideas and meaningful expression in the language play crucial role in academic writings. You can search different websites to learn about those common errors i.e. Paper Writing Services. Academic writings should be written in formal style and demonstrate your understanding for academic writings. the common errors may include; Use of appropriate verb and prepositionDo not start sentence with conjunctionAvoid annoying alliterationsNo sentence fragments or unnecessary commasRevise and proofread carefully Use of 5Ws and 1H: To write a well-organized and well-knit piece of writing you need to remain within limit of the topic. However, if some extra information has any direct relevance to the topic may be incorporated. It should be very clear and precise. provide highly professional writers who can assist you to make your writing extra-ordinary. Also they can write for you the way you want them to write for you. A logical sequence may be maintained by following 5w’s and I H; WhoWhatWhereWhenWhyHow Follow the 6C’s: Incomplete information and information provided in confused manner may cause annoyance to the reader. You need to provide all the information tactfully and intelligently without making it bore or frivolous. You should search different sites to be more specific and clearer about academic writings i.e. Assignment Writing Services. You should know how to provide necessary details without deviating from the main topic. For this following C’s can be very helpful to you; ConcisenessConsiderationConcretenessClarityCourtesyCorrectness Provide an exclusive conclusion: Ending of the topic is also most important part of academic writings. It should be meted in a way that it should reflect the standard of your writing. Essay Writing Services provide you exclusive guidance to write briefly stated, fully substantiated writing with interesting conclusion. An effective conclusion may force the reader to condone deficiencies on the part of writer in the main body or middle of the writing.